Tuesday, September 1, 2015

7 Sewing Kit Basics

Today I'm going to discuss a very important investment to have in your purse,home,office or car a Sewing Kit. Whether you sew or not most of us have experienced a rip or button popping off in our clothing or non clothing items and wish we had a sewing needle and thread near by. These sewing items I'm going to share with you are most definitely a great investment. You can purchase a non expensive small sewing kit at your local dollar store or if your a sewer like myself or don't mind spending a little more than a dollar or two you can customize your sewing kit with better quality items such as better scissors,thread,hand sewing needles or add a variety of different buttons to your kit. Check out your seven sewing kit basics below.

1. Safety Pins,Straight Pins & Assorted Buttons
2. Hand Sewing Needles 
3. Thimble 
4. Thread Spools 
5. Needle Threader
6. Scissors
7. Tape Measure  

Have a question or want to share your sewing kit basics ? Please feel free to comment in the comment section .